Kathy Kelly to speak at Business Chicks event - Wednesday 13 September 2017

Business Chicks Breakfast with Kathy Kelly

We have two choices when things go wrong. We can do nothing or we can harness the emotion and turn it into something good.

In the past few years, The Kelly Family have faced the unimaginable – losing two of their three teenage children in circumstances that should have, and could have, been avoided.  They say that no parent should ever have to bury their child, but these parents have buried two.

Kathy and Ralph’s son Thomas tragically lost his life at just 18-years of age after being the victim of a coward’s punch in King’s Cross in 2012.  Then last year, they lost their son Stuart to suicide. Stuart was also 18 and his parents believe his death was a result of the bullying he endured in the wake of Thomas’ death.

For many people, the tragedy of losing a child would be too much.  But Kathy and her husband Ralph turned their grief and anger into resolve; determined not to let other parents go through what they have.

After the death of Thomas, Kathy mobilised politicians, emergency services, lobby groups, organisations, and communities to come together for a common cause – to lessen violence in our country.  Kathy and Ralph set up the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation in 2013.  Its purpose is simple: to ensure our youth are safe.

Together they have changed laws, introduced legislation, advocated for victims and established preventative programs all of which have contributed to real change keeping people safe.  And now, after the death of Stuart, they’re also focusing their attentions on tackling suicide prevention.

At Business Chicks we want to support the people who can help us see that anything is possible, even in the face of challenges like unfathomable grief, heartache and adversity.  It’s the reason why, over the years, we have brought you speakers like Alisa Camplin, Rosie Batty and Turia Pitt – and it’s the reason we decided to bring Kathy Kelly to our stage also.

We want to use the platform we’re so lucky to have to spread messages that matter and help each of you to play a part in making the world a better and, in this case, safer place too.  And we hope that you’ll join us in welcoming Kathy to Business Chicks on September 13.

Join us to hear Kathy’s incredibly raw story. She’s brave, courageous, committed and stronger than most will ever have to be and there’s so much we can learn about adversity and pushing through adversity from her.

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