Kathy and Mia Freedman chat about determination

When the phone rang that night, it was St Vincent’s Hospital telling Ralph and Kathy that they needed to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

"I think I knew the moment I saw him that he was already gone," Kathy tells Mia Freedman on the latest episode of No Filter.

If you and I commit to the core values that sit at the heart of Take Kare and Stay Kind - to challenge our drinking culture, to disavow any form of violence, to look out for each other, to listen, and to live with genuine compassion, then Kathy and Ralph Kelly did not lose their sons in vain.

Thomas and Stuart's legacy as two good, kind, empathetic people will live on - and the experiences of the Kelly's is one that Australia will never, ever forget.


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Stay Kind day / Sunday 23rd July 2017 / ANZ Stadium

Kathy speaks with Gus about the launch of the "Stay Kind" day (after her son - Stuart Kelly's initials) that will be held on Sunday 23rd July 2017 at ANZ Stadium.  The West Tigers and Parramatta Eels along with the NRL, Channel Nine. Channel Nine World Wide of Sports and Lifeline - will all come together to support this important initiative around suicide prevention - particular aimed at young people.

The Kelly's extend an invitation to the whole community to support this initiative by attending the game on July 23, 2017 at ANZ Stadium.

University of New South Wales & Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation

We are pleased to announce that the University of New South Wales Australia (UNSW), through its National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), has officially entered into a formal strategic partnership with the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation on 11th March 2016.  

The Partnership is twofold:

 Exploring a range of potential future activities that are evidence-based, likely to reduce alcohol-related harm in the community, be sustainable and globally relevant and,

ii)  Undertaking an evaluation of the Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador Program through a proposed economic evaluation of the costs and benefits of the Safe Space initiative.  This evaluation requires obtaining three sets of data, each of which would be converted into monetary terms:


(i)       The cost of providing Safe Spaces,

(ii)      Estimating the direct benefits of Safe Spaces,

Estimating the value that the community places on having Safe Spaces available for young people.


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Kathy was humbled to be a NSW State finalist for the 2016 Women of the Year Awards

She was nominated in the category for the A.H. Beard Community Hero Award celebrates heroes and/or volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the community.

These women are positive role models who inspire others to contribute to the community too.

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Media Release - Sydney’s youth safer for longer on city streets

A program that has already helped more than 5,000 young people avoid the risk of late night alcohol related violence in the city centre has been extended into Kings Cross.

The initial trial of the Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador Program, set up by the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, proved so successful the program has secured funding for the next three years.

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Volunteering with the TAKE Kare Safe Space Team


Take Kare Ambassadors, providing support to young people who are out and about in the city. Whether it’s helping someone get to public transport or reconnecting them with their friends, or handing out bottles of water the Take Kare Ambassadors will be helping young people get home safely. 


Safe Space provides somewhere where young people can rest their feet, get rehydrated, charge their phones, get first aid, find transport home or wait for friends.

Find out more on volunteering for the Sydney Safe Space Street Team: Read more.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/takekare.com.au

Launch Safe Space in Sydney 2014


TAKE Kare Safe Space, is a joint initiative between the City of Sydney, NSW Government, Salvation Army and the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. 

Our outreach program offers preventative interactions to reduce sexual assault, intoxicated pedestrians from walking in front of cars and buses to defusing situations that could deteriorate into violence.  We provide basic first aid, water, phone access to friends and family along with transport information to young people who may be intoxicated or affected by drugs to ensure they make it home safely.  The program is operated every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm till 4am, also covering special events such as New Year's Eve.

"I spent Friday evening with the Safe Space team and was impressed with the great work they are doing to help vulnerable youth get home safely,"  Mr Brad Hazzard (former NSW Attorney General).