Thomas & Stuart Kelly

Thomas & Stuart Kelly

Kathy's Story

On 07th July 2012, Thomas  was invited to a friends 18th birthday. Arriving in Darlinghurst by taxi with two other friends, not knowing the way to the venue, Tom was on his phone to find out the directions.  Two minutes after alighting out of the taxi, a complete stranger stepped off the wall from where he was leaning, and punched Thomas with such force he impacted with the pavement and was brain dead within seconds.  A life extinguished forever.


“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night.  
You are a remarkable woman who has managed to use a tragedy to benefit the rest of the community.”

Turia Pitt, Humanitarian

"The thanks are mine to pass onto you.  What an amazing presentation.  Sitting with Jess yesterday, I cannot imagine what your family has endured.  I admire what you & Ralph do.  The feedback from the conference has been so positive.  You were the standout speaker for so many of our delegates"

Maureen McGinnis, Events Director, Our Community

In some small way we all can help to make a difference to the terrible number of deaths (5,500 per year) and hospitalisations (over 157,000 per year) caused as a result of alcohol harm (health, violence, accidents).

The financial cost of alcohol abuse to Australia's economy is a staggering $15 billion annually.  But far worse, is the cost to thousands of families who endure suffering for the rest of their lives.  It's clear we need a new approach.

Kathy went about creating a movement.  One where politics, emergency services, lobby groups, organisations, individuals and communities all came together for a common cause - a cause to lessen violence.  Initialising conversations Kathy mobilised groups to work together to form the basis of this movement:

NSW State Government (Office of the Premier and Department of Justice)
City of Sydney (Lord Mayor and CEO)
NSW Police Force
St. Vincent's Hospital
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Charles Sturt University (CSU)
Western Sydney University (WSU)
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)
NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA)  
JobLink Plus

"Kathy was engaging, touching, but most of all an incredibly eloquent speaker discussing a tough and very personal topic.  Her passion for her cause was obvious, and I look forward to hearing her speak again."
Tahnee Walters, Director at the Spotted Cow Cookie Co.

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The Foundation and Kathy's vision is to ensure that all of our children get home safely.

Bruce & Denise Morcombe, Louisa Hope, Oliver & Rosemarie Zammit, Noelle Dickson, Rod Bridge, Turia Pitt & Michael Hoskin, Ralph & Kathy Kelly with Michael Usher #60Mins #TakeKare #ThomasKellyYouthFoundation

Grief turns into anger, which in turn fuels determination

Kathy with Ralph, and Michael Usher #60Mins #TakeKare

60 Minutes interview, Bowral - 11 to 12th November, 2015 #TakeKare #60Mins

Kathy and Ralph