TAKE KARE Info booths become safe spaces on New Year's Eve

Tiny bastions of safety will pop up across Sydney's foreshore on New Years Eve as the city's information booths transform into safe spaces for the drunk, lost and injured. 

The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation's (TKYF) Take Kare Ambassadors will commandeer six information booths to help vulnerable revellers get home in one piece during one of the world's biggest NYE celebrations.

"Everyone deserves to have a great night on New Year's Eve and to come home safely at the end of it," said TKYF founder Ralph Kelly.

The booths will be manned by volunteers who will provide basic first aid, free water, phone and internet access, directions and ease access to emergency services.

The initiative is an extension of the TKYF program, which operates two Safe Spaces every Friday and Saturday night, one at Town Hall and the other in Kings Cross.

Program co-ordinator Nate Brown will be leading a team of 60 volunteers on the night.

"After operating at our usual spot [at Town Hall] on New Year's Eve last year we realised there was a need for it," Mr Brown said.

"Those information booths are empty after 11.30pm and that's when people needed a lot of help getting home. Whether it's tourists getting lost or people who have overindulged [on alcohol]," he said.

"We'll be out there making sure everyone having a good time watching the fireworks or partying will have access to help when they need it," Mr Brown said. 

Partly funded by the City of Sydney, the Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador program helped close to 15,000 young people during the year after its launch in 2014.  

"I'm really pleased this terrific public safety program, which has helped so many young people avoid the risk of late-night alcohol-fuelled violence, will operate on New Year's Eve," said Lord Mayor Clover Moore. 

SMH, 27th December 2015 by Kate Aubusson

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